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Multicare X

LINET's premium ICU bed Multicare X with unique frame-based lateral tilt.
Accompanied by Opticare X, innovative constant low pressure supporting surface.

  • 063% Lower limb load reduction in patient mobilization thanks to Mobi-Lift (1)
  • 095% Satisfaction with the new Opticare X Prone Mode (2)
  • 067% Decrease in force needed to turn the patient with lateral tilt (1)

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Enhanced patient outcomes

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Improved caregiver & hospital workflow

Recommended surface

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Opticare X: Fully-Integrated Solution with Optimal Immersion

The new generation Opticare X mattress brings advanced premium pressure care with Optimal Immersion and microclimate management with ability for prone nursing.

  • Optimal Immersion
    Pressures reduce as the patient becomes more immersed and enveloped into the mattress. At some point the patient will reach an optimal point where peak pressures are minimized.
  • Microclimate Management
    Opticare X helps maintain the natural thermoregulation by circulating air through the mattress surface. It helps to maintain healthy heat and moisture levels at the patient’s skin.
  • Prone Nursing
    Prone mode is using a higher level of air than other therapeutic modes providing a balance between pressure redistribution and stability for patients being nursed in a prone positions (prone positioning support recommended).

Clinical and training materials

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Clinical materials

Technical information about Multicare X

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Automatic Lateral Therapy

The Multicare X Automatic Lateral Therapy is frame-based, can be programmed to perform cycles according to individual needs.

Lateral tilt

Patient's feet can touch the floor and reach the nose over toes position thanks to lower bed height achieved by tilting.

Combined tilting for postural drainage procedure

Thanks to combination of revTR and lateral tilt airways hygiene (postural drainage) can be easily performed as a part of respiratory therapy.

Opticare X prone mode

New Opticare X mode allows you to select a setting designed to aid prone nursing which is used more and more for respiratory conditions.

Opticare X mobile mode

Mobile Mode allows the mattress to be ‚stepped down‘ to a lower level of immersion to aid Comfort and independent movement for more mobile patients.

Opticare X Zoned Cover

Zoned cover designed to keep the centre of the mattress slippery with more "grippy" sides facilitating safe patient transfer.

Mobi-lift handle

Patient can hold onto the Mobi-Lift handle while sitting at the edge of the bed or attempting to stand.

i-Drive Power

Unique sensor against self-activation Intelligent accelerator for optimimalization of the drive speed.

IV & Drive

Combination of foldable IV poles and i-Drive controller.

Automatically engaged i-Brake

GO' mode helps keep the bed in straight direction → mitigation of required effort.

Multiboard x ergonomically positioned at 30° hob

New 10“ screen with intuitive controls makes daily nurse tasks easier.

USB integration

Patient can use charging directly from the bed‘s headside rail - no need to disconnect smartphone during transport.

Electrical bed extension

Electrically extended bed with surface contributes to comfort for tall patients.

Vascular Leg

The Vascular position allows the patient to begin early weight-bearing exercises.

Autocontour (Ergoframe)

Patient is less likely to slide down in bed by elevating the back rest and thigh rest together. Caregivers don't need to pull up patient back.

Orthopnoeic chair

Orthopnoeic Chair is the full chair position used for hemodynamic and muscle training.

Reverse Trendelenburg

In the reverse Trendelenburg, the patient is able to do weight-bearing exercises that are necessary for the patient to be able to stand up or walk.


The Trendelenburg position can be used in critical situations or to prevent air embolism during CVC placement. It is one of the one-button functions on Multicare X.

Foot controls

Caregiver has free hands and can be fully focused on the patient thanks to foot controls.

Siderails constant gap

Unique concept of Multicare X siderails: 45 cm height, Safety double mechanism, Smooth release by SoftDrop, Siderails down sensors and Constant gap.

30° hob stop & handles in headside rails

Siderails provides support during mobilization steps – moving patient to the edge of the bed, providing sit-to-stand support.

Patient controls ergonomy

Patient can easily reach bed controls while sitting or lying ergonomically.

Nurse call

Patient activates the nurse call comfortably from the bed, no need to reach any distant device.

X-ray cassette holder

Allows easy cassette insertion, adjustment and removal, without the need to reposition the patient.

Opticare X X-ray sleeve

For easier X-ray procedure and wide variety of cassettes.

CPR Electrical Button

CPR button flattens and lowers the bed, and deflates mattress.

CPR Handle

Quickly lowers the backrest to flat position.

Mattress Valve

Deflates the mattress quickly.


IV&drive - foldable handles with i-Drive power holder.

Kit of stabilizing pads Advanced for the lateral tilt

Pair of protectors

Ventilator circuit holder

Tech specs

External Dimensions in Standard Bed Position (length x width)
215 cm x 105 cm
Safety Siderail Height above Mattress support platform
45 cm (maximum)
Bed Extension
0 cm - 22 cm
Maximum Dimensions of Mattress (length x width)
214 cm x 87,5 cm
Maximum Mattress Height
23 cm
Clearance in Standard Position
15 cm
Minimum-Maximum Mattress support platform Height above floor (without Mattress)
44 cm - 82 cm
Maximum Backrest Angle
Maximum Thighrest Angle
Maximum Calfrest Angle
Maximum Lateral Tilt Angle
Trendelenburg Angle
Antitrendelenburg Angle
Bed Safe Working Load (SWL)
250 kg

After-sales services

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Smart Care

LINET's solution is not limited to beds and mattresses. We also provide our customer with smart technologies to address data management or patient monitoring. Discover LINIS SafetyPort, application for automated export of data from Multicare X.


LINET Rental services is a flexible, agile and complex solution adaptable for each individual organization. Our Rental solution allow our customers to get innovative therapy systems including Multicare X without direct purchase.

After Sales

We understand that safety and reliability are a priority in medical facilities. That is why, together with Multicare X, we offer a completely carefree warranty and post-warranty service that includes preventive maintenance, spare parts and repairs. All provided by our team of trained professionals.

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Multicare X will be available for ordering on selected markets from October 2021.
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(1) Lebeda T et al., NRU for Occupational Physiology and Psychophysiology, Report no: 3636/2021, ex. 210347
(2) LINET Group, Multicare X and Opticare X Field test results – users evaluation 2021, internal document 2021_08. When rating the balance between pressure care and support needed for prone nursing, as evaluated by 71 caregivers.

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