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Falls Prevention


  • Up to 1 million patient falls in the USA per year (1)
  • Longer hospital stays by 11.5 days on average (2014) (2)
  • Costs of falls: Over USD 50 billion (2020) (3)


Safety Concept

Complex set of features supporting patient’s safety in every situation.

Multizone bed exit alarm

Supports fall prevention by monitoring the patient's motion activity in two modes

Automatically engaged brake

iBrake mitigates risk of patient fall caused by an unsecured bed.

(1) AHRQ Publication No. 13-0015-EF, January 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Preventing Falls in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality of Care. Prepared by RAND Corporation, Boston University School of Public Health, ECRI Institute.
(2) Medical Costs of Fatal and Nonfatal Falls in Older Adults,Medical Costs of Fatal and Nonfatal Falls in Older Adults - PubMed (
(3) Falls Injure Millions of Americans, Cost $50 Billion Each Year | 2020-10-08 | Relias Media - Continuing Medical Education Publishing

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