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Improve Pulmonary


  • Mechanical ventilation complications
  • Lung overdistension, barotrauma, lung collapse, and blood desaturation
  • Significant costs to health care system

Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (IMV) in the USA

IMV represents a high and mortality group of patients that are associated with significant costs to the healthcare system.

Cost difference

  • 3,109


    per 100.000 adults
    received IMV in 2009 (1)

  • 600-1,500


    Hospital cost increment
    by one IMV day (2)

  • 2,093


    Cost saving per patient
    after implementation of CLRT (3)


Multicare X‘s frame-based lateral tilt with programmable Automatic Lateral Therapy

Automatic Lateral Therapy with Electric Impedance Tomography

  • Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT)

    Lateral tilt with adequate PEEP can control ventilation distribution and trigger lung opening

  • Electric impedance tomography

    Provides real-time visualization of patients‘ mechanical ventilation

  • Benefits of Alt guided by Alt

    • Individualized
    • Timely
    • Continuous
    • Targeted
    • Careful
    • Radiation-free

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